The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 9

Hazel attends the support group for the first time since the day she met Gus. Her attendance marks a day prior to her trip to Amsterdam. In the support group, it dawns on her that some of the people remain unchanged while others have already passed away. Besides the group consisting of some new members, Isaac is still present. Therefore, Hazel decides to sit next to him. In turn, Isaac invites her to his house saying that Gus keeps on talking about her.

Inquisitively, Isaac seeks to know whether Hazel likes Gus, and admits to the fact by saying that she likes him. Isaac also wants to know Hazel’s reason for not wanting to make out with Gus, suggesting whether she fears of being hurt. However, she counters the claims saying that she fears to hurt him, a situation that may leave him in agony.


Hazel struggles with her feelings for Gus and her fear of hurting the people around her. Making an appearance in the support group is an indicator of her struggles, as she feels stuck in the unfairness of life despite hating it when people feel sympathy for her. In addition, she feels great sympathy for Isaac as his situation seems challenging and unfair. Besides that, she stands with Isaac, saying that it was unfair for Monica to leave him, yet it was still unfair for the universe to place blindness on Isaac and expect Monica to live with the circumstance. As she talks about Isaac’s situation, she manages to admit her fears, specifically on causing Augustus pain despite having no control over her illness.

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