The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt

by contributor

Sharon Fleming

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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

In the first chapter, Theo is reflecting on the time he spends in Amsterdam; where he was hiding from authorities. As Theo narrates, he stayed in t...

Chapter 2

This chapter begins with the narrator’s reflections on his relationship between him and his two parents. While Theo was very close to his mother,...

Chapter 3

Having lost his mother, and with his father being absent, Theo’s current concern is being placed in foster care. To evade this, he informs social...

Chapter 4

Chapter Four chronicles Theo’s journey with Hobie and his reconnection with the girl he had admired in the museum, Pippa. Here, Theo learns that ...

Chapter 5

Theo’s life in Las Vegas is one that is characterized by boredom and isolation. As Theo confesses, his new room in Las Vegas felt lonely as his o...

Chapter 6

This chapter highlights Theo’s changing relationship with his father and Boris. On one hand, Theo’s father begins experiencing money problems a...

Chapter 7

Hobie takes care of the very-sick and recovering Theo. During this time, Pippa visits from Texas, where they spend substantial time with each other...

Chapter 8

Theo gets accepted to the early college program for the spring term; but he is too preoccupied with his painting. He joins the college but soon fin...

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine jumps eight years from events of the previous chapter, and presents Theo as an adult. Still living with Hobie, Theo has honed his anti...

Chapter 10

Months later, Theo is engaged to Andy’s sister, Kitsey, and has neglected his love for Pippa. On the streets of New York, Theo runs into Boris, n...

Chapter 11

Theo and Boris fly to Amsterdam in search of The Goldfinch. They are at a café with Boris’ associates. One of the associates present is...

Chapter 12

In the last chapter of this novel, Tartt takes readers to where the narration started. This is when Theo encloses himself in a hotel room, confused...

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