The Great Gatsby
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 5

At the return of Nick Carraway to his home late evening, he is full of surprise to find that Jay Gatsby is waiting for him while full of nervousness. It, thereby, becomes clear that Jay Gatsby wants to determine whether Jay Gatsby has arranged the tea session with Daisy Buchanan as he had requested him. Gatsby, however, does not want to be open about it and ask him directly. He first invites Nick to Coney Island. He also invites him over for them to swim together. Nick declines the request stating that it is late for him. Nick, after that, announces that he will invite Daisy over for tea in two days’ time.  The happiness of Gatsby is evident at the mention of the words by Nick. The audience can, therefore, read both excitement and nervousness in the words of Gatsby. In what seems to be the payment for the favor that Nick had agreed to do, Gatsby promises to find him a job in which he will be required to work less and be paid much more. Nick, thereby, realizes that Gatsby is offering his friendship and money in exchange for getting assistance from him to be reconnected with Daisy. He, thereby, feels quite offended. He holds the view that Gatsby has only viewed him as a worthless person whose value can only be quantified by the friendship he has with him as well as the money that he promises to give him.

He would have had the preference that Gatsby felt the high level of friendship that he had offered him as the greatest motivation that had pushed him to do the favor. According to Nick, he knows that friendship is normally based on being available for people who mean a lot to a person. To that end, he was more committed to ensuring that he would offer his friend a level of support that he required to enable him to try out his fortune in getting back the one woman that he seemed to love and adore so much. In spite of the high anger that Nick appears to hold, he still agrees to call Daisy the next day for tea. He, however, asks her to bring Tom over.

On the day of the appointment, Gatsby sends a gardener over to mow the lawn of Nick. He also orders a “greenhouse” of flowers that would be used to decorate the interior of Nick’s house. Gatsby arrives quite early and in time, ready to meet and reconnect with his lost love. He is, however, desperate and nervous. He has an inkling within him that makes him hold the suspicion that Daisy may not come after all. Daisy finally arrives. However, when Nick ushers her into the living room where Gatsby had been sitting, waiting, he has already left. He had snuck out through the back door and came at the front. He knocks the door as if he was not at the place and he has just arrived.

The first reunion between Gatsby and Daisy is awkward. Gatsby, while nervous, breaks Daisy’s clock. He goes on to whine about how the meeting was a great mistake in the first place. Nick, having seen the turn of events, he decides the leave the two alone, for a moment. By the time he comes back, he finds Daisy having tears in his eyes. On the other hand, Gatsby appears to be quite excited. As it seems, they happen to have rekindled their love for one another. Gatsby, thereby, invites both Daisy and Nick over to his house for a tour. As the three walk through the house, it is clear that everything within was hand selected to make Daisy happy. At the sight of the different elements inside the house as well as the different decorations that are planned out, Daisy appears to be quite impressed. She breaks into tears again when she sees the fine shirts that belong to Gatsby. The two are overwhelmed with emotions at being with one another. Nick, thereby, decides to slip out again, without them noticing.


The dream that Gatsby has been holding for about five years appears to have been realized the day he reunites with Daisy. He had planned heavily for that day, owing to the high level of hard work that he has put in his various engagements, with the view of amassing a large amount of wealth which he would show Daisy to impress her. The different events that took place before the meeting between the two provide some level of comic relief. The arrangement is also awkward, in spite of his turning out to be successful in the end. However, Nick is quick to add in that, “it wasn’t a bit funny” perhaps as a way of showing the great form of effort that the group needed to adapt to ensure that the plan would turn out to be as successful as the expectations they held.

The novel has continually portrayed Gatsby as a calm and composed person. He, therefore, has the chance to control his emotions around the specific actions that he is involved with. However, at the reunion with Daisy, he happens to break down with emotions as he does not seem to attain some level of control over them.  It is, therefore, clear to the audience that the love that Gatsby holds for Daisy makes him largely vulnerable. By the time he knocks at the door of Nick’s house, he is described to be “as pale as death.” Gatsby is also concerned with making everything perfect for Daisy. He, therefore, decides to micromanage everything in the life of Nick. For instance, he chooses to hire a landscaper to mow the lawn of Nick. He also decides to send over a large banquet of flowers over to Nick’s house. According to him, he holds the belief that the flowers will be important in improving the level of the impression that it may have on Daisy. He is also keen to dress in gold, silver, and white. He aims to ensure that Daisy does not miss the fact that he is a rich man now.

However, when they meet, his nervousness takes a huge toll on him. He happens to behave in a, rather, awkward manner, detailing that, maybe, the meeting was not a good idea after all. The concept, therefore, foreshadows the idea that the reality is never as beautiful as the dream might appear to be. As he tries to remain relaxed, Gatsby breaks Nick’s clock in the process. It is a clear symbol of his failed attempt at rewinding time.

After having some amount of time alone, it is evident that the love between Gatsby and Daisy is rekindled. The eyes of Gatsby are full of tears in what is presented in a short chapter. The sight of the fine shirts of Gatsby makes her well up with tears. It is also evident that Daisy chose to marry Tom in haste although she loved Gatsby. She had a view that Gatsby was poor and they, therefore, had no future together. By the time Daisy reunites with Gatsby, he appears to have more money that he does not know what to do with the whole of it. The tears of Daisy are an indication of the fact that she has realized that she made a huge mistake. She knew that she would have had both love and wealth had she chosen to wait for him when he left to serve in the military.

The vulnerability of Gatsby is also evident where he offers to give pay Nick to assist him to be reunited with Daisy. Nick gets offended by the offer. To him, he holds the view that Gatsby appears to have taken the friendship they have had over time for granted. He feels that he would have chosen to help him reunite with Daisy because he was his friend. He, therefore, did not need to be accorded any form of payment to do so. Through the offer, there is a depiction of the fact that Gatsby has very few true friends. Since the time he decided to run away from his past, Gatsby has had to pay for everything he has, including friendship.

The element that is tied to his superficiality also seems to have pushed him to fall out of touch with reality, especially, as it relates to the world around him and people who care about him. The interaction they have with one another pushes Nick into having a deep thought. He, therefore, asks him, wondering how much of what is known about the man Gatsby is just a façade. To him, Gatsby is a man who he finds hard to comprehend, in spite of the many moments they have managed to share together as friends.

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