The Great Gatsby
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
Contributed by Karim Chandra
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Chapter 6

A reporter comes near Gatsby’s house in the hope that he will manage to question him. He is keen on gathering information regarding the past of Gatsby. More specifically, he aims to unearth some of the information that relates to his past. He is also keen on confirming some of the rumors that he has heard regarding Gatsby within New York. Nick Carraway, however, interrupts the story in which he tries to relate the current story that people have regarding Gatsby to his past. Most notably, he determines that the actual name of Gatsby is James Gatz. His parents were poor and lived in North Dakota. They earned their living as farmers. He had managed to attend college for two weeks. During the period, he managed to pay for his tuition from the money he got while working as a janitor. He, however, decided to drop out of school as he found the work of a janitor demeaning to him.

James, as he was known at the time, took on a fishing job on Lake Superior. One day, he warned a yacht owner about a storm that was about to hit. Dan Cody, the wealthy yacht owner immediately became fond of him.  He, therefore, hired James as his assistant. James after that decided to change his name to the fashionable, “Jay Gatsby.” He after that became so much obsessed with luxury and wealth. His stay with Cody also accorded him the chance to learn a lot from the wealthy man. Cody wrote a will in which he left $25000 for Gatsby. However, Gatsby failed at trying to claim for his share when Cody died. He, however, had learned a lot of lessons from Cody and, therefore, decided to use them to make his own money. He also felt that making his own money would accord him the chance to relish a lot of the effort that he had put. He realized that there was a lot of satisfaction that normally comes with a person bearing the chance to make his own money, instead of having to get it from somewhere else. It was also a contrast to the element of contrast against old money. To Gatsby, new money seemed to be more fulfilling as compared to old money.

When Tom returned home during the summer of 1922, he decides to stop as the house of Gatsby. He aims to have a drink with him after spending a long day with friends out riding. Gatsby serves as his host and serves him with his best liquor and cigarettes. He also agrees to offer Tom and his friend’s dinner. They, however, decline the request politely. The three friends, in return, invite Gatsby to join them for dinner at a later date. He eagerly agrees to the invitation that the three friends have accorded him. He, however, fails to realize that an invitation is only an act of formality and it was, therefore, not a necessity for him to accept it. While Gatsby is fetching his coat to follow them, they manage to sneak out.

Tom had already become suspicious of the strange behavior of Gatsby. He, therefore, does not want Daisy visiting him without company. He, therefore, joins Daisy at one of the parties that Gatsby throws. In spite of the great effort that Gatsby puts up to impress the guests no one appears to have a good at that time. Nick also does not seem to enjoy the party as the others have been. At the time, Nick presents the story of how the party is through the eyes of Daisy. In spite of the great opulence that Gatsby appeared to put into the party, it seemed to do very little concerning showing the great impact that it would have regarding being able to impress his guests. Right after the party has ended, Gatsby becomes quite depressed about Daisy. He, therefore, decides to “fix everything just the way it was before” as they knew each other in Louisville.


An insight into the life of Gatsby highlights the level of transformation that Gatsby appears to have had gone through as it relates to his character. He also happens to have had changed his name in a bid to chase his dream. During the time, he appears to have had matured his character in a bid to achieve his teenage dreams. He still holds the belief that with a high level of determination and money, he bears a chance to achieve his dreams in the way that he deems it fit for himself. He also believes that his dream cannot be complete without Daisy in it. He also believes that Daisy needs to admit that she never loved Tom but only married him for his money. Gatsby, however, has one major crucial flaw. He believes that money can accord him an opportunity to enter the socialite circle.

The chapter also showcases a clash between old money and new money. He also shows that he has the chance to enter the social circle. He, however, does not realize when the men visit that they are only out to investigate him but not to befriend him.

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