The Great Gatsby
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
Contributed by Karim Chandra
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Plot Summary
The Great Gatsby presents itself as a simple story about Gatsby’s pursuing the American goal at first glance. When examined carefully and profoundly looking at the story’s use of symbols and purpose, the story describes social classes, chasing of the American dream and deciding what matters the most. Although the novel was written in the 1920’s, its characters and stories are not affected time or any other thing. The novel has five settings. The first area is the Midwest where many of the main characters came from. The West Egg which is a fictional City Located on Long Island in New York and a place where promising citizens live is the second setting. The fictional city of East Egg which is also located on the Long Island is a place where people with old money live. The other setting is The Valley of Ashes where the poor live and last setting is the New York where Tom Buchanan has rented an apartment where he meets up with Myrtle Wilson his concubine and also a setting where Nick Carraway works. The story starts when the narrator and the main protagonist Nick Carraway moves to the West Egg on Long Island, a place in New York. Nick happens to rent a house next to an affluent businessman who was known by his detailed, luxurious parties. Gatsby appeared to be famous and loved by people although no one seems to have an idea of where how he got his fortune and where exactly he came from. Everything about him is all mere speculation. As Nick settles in his new place, he pays a visit to Daisy, his cousin. The wealthy Daisy and her husband live in East Egg where the where those with inherited riches live. The prosperous couple and their friend Jordan Baker who is a young, single rich professional golfer orients Nick to their East life. Life in the East is characterized by a lot of free time, all forms of luxury and plenty of money. The rich lifestyle of the East attracts Nick even as he even as he tries to examine at its depth especially when he realizes that Daisy’s husband has another woman who lives in New York and Daisy knows it. Nick is already committed to the East Coast life as he sees it by the time Tom takes him to meet Myrtle Wilson who together with her husband George owns a gas station in the valley of Ashes. Gatsby and Nick become good friends even after Nick realized Gatsby is only seeking for friendship so that he can reconnect with Daisy who happens to be a lady he was madly in love with the war. Nick plans for the two to reunite at his home after Gatsby request. While their first meeting seems awkward, the two former lovers realize they still value each other, and they continue meeting in secret. Nick’s East and West social group meet, and it happens that Tom instantly dislikes Gatsby and suspects there have a thing with his wife, Daisy. One afternoon when they were all in New York, Tom confronts Gatsby who confirms to him to him that he loves Daisy and his suspicions are correct. In the valley of ashes, George Wilson realizes his wife is cheating on him but fails to know the lover's identity. George then locks his wife upstairs to keep her safe until when they are ready to leave the place. Unfortunately, Myrtle as was trying to escape; she is hit and killed by Gatsby car which Daisy back from New York. When Daisy notices have hit someone, she immediately leaves the accident scene instead of stopping to help the victim. The worried and upset George is committed to finding the driver of the car which killed his wife. Tom who is still confused about Daisy and Gatsby affair gets an opportunity to tell George who the owner of the car is. George goes to West Egg, locates Gatsby house, kills him in the pool and murders himself afterward. Nick tries to contact Jay Gatsby friends, and he is surprised that it doesn’t bother them. Gatsby father shows up, and this is when Nick gets to know James Gatsby real identity. Gatsby comes from the Midwest; it was all because of looking for wealth and chasing the American dream made him who he was before his death. The disappointed Nick goes back to Midwest as he is disillusioned with all that the East offers and represents.
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