The Hobbit
J. R. R. Tolkien
Contributed by Machelle Schuler
Chapter 20

This brief chapter brings the book to its close. After another stay in Rivendell, Bilbo and Gandalf return to the Shire. To Bilbo’s surprise, his home and goods are being auctioned off-his neighbors have presumed him dead! And, in fact, the old Bilbo has "died," and a new one has taken his place. As Gandalf tells him, "My dear Bilbo!. You are not the hobbit that you were."


Although the hobbit is glad to be home, he also experiences restlessness, now that he has seen the wider and larger world of which he-and all of us-are a part. As the heroes of all mythic quests do, Bilbo returns from his journey with a truer knowledge of himself.

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