The Iliad
Contributed by Joslyn Justiniano
Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Book 1

Invocation of the muse takes place, with the poet asking for help in conveying the story of Achilles’ rage. It is made clear that Achilles is the...

Book 2

In their quest to help the Trojans, as they promised to do, Zeus causes Agamemnon to have a dream in which a figure appearing to be Nestor pushes h...

Book 3-4

Summary: Book 3

After marching from the city gates, the Trojan army proceeds to meet the Achaeans. Paris is the Trojan prin...

Book 5-6

Summary: Book 5

Pandarus wounds Diomedes, the Achaean hero, as the battle rages. Diomedes offers prayers to Athena, asking ...

Book 7-8

Summary: Book 7

The battle escalates with the return of Paris and Hector. However, Athena and Apollo soon opt to end the ba...

Book 9-10

Summary: Book 9

The Trojans are ready to push the Achaeans to return to their ships, and the Achaean troops are brokenheart...

Book 11-12

Summary: Book 11

The following morning, the Achaean lines descend into panic when Zeus causes blood to rain down on them. T...

Book 13-14

Summary: Book 13

Zeus is pleased with the progress of the war, and he leaves the battlefield. Poseidon wants to assist the ...

Book 15-16

Summary: Book 15

After Zeus wakes, he sees the results of Poseidon and Hera’s actions. Hera attempts to pin all the blame...

Book 17-18

Summary: Book 17

Men fight over Patroclus’s body. The Trojan who speared him for the first time, Euphorbus, attempts to t...

Book 19-20

Summary: Book 19

The armor forged for him by Hephaestus is presented by Thetis to Achilles. She undertakes to take care of ...

Book 21-22

Summary: Book 21

Achilles is able to rout the Trojan forces, splitting their ranks. He pushes half of them into a river kno...

Book 23-24

Summary: Book 23

Achilles and the Myrmidons continue to mourn for the death of Patroclus at the Achaean camp. Achilles star...

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