The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Patrick Ness
Year Published
Science Fiction
About the Title

The “Knife of Never Letting Go” is a science-fiction novel tat focuses on the life of Todd Hewitt, a twelve-year-old from Prentisstown who is the last boy in his town and expected to become a man when he turns thirteen. His dog, Manchee, is his main companion. The story is set on a different planet where Spacks killed most of the settlers with a virus about ten years ago, leaving the town with just a few men. The virus that killed all the women gave men the ability to listen to each other’s thoughts. Todd is just a month away from his 13th birthday when he discovers the Quiet. Following this unknown silence with his dog, he stumbles upon a young girl, Viola, who survived after landing on the planet with her parents. The rest of the story revolves around Todd, Viola, and Manchee's quest to flee Prentisstown.

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