The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 14

Manchee starts barking, alerting Todd to an older woman holding a gun that is pointing right at them. Todd tells the old woman that he will be in man in 29 days. The woman, whose name is Hildy, has extensive skills to analyse Todd’s thoughts, an ability he only affiliates with Ben. Hildy informs Todd and Viola that the bridge was no longer useful to her because the only place it led was not worth it anymore. She then directs them to her house where she lives with her husband.


“As pups go…ye re as easy to read as a new-born, m’boy”. Hildy’s comments show the difference between men and boys. While men’s Noise might be difficult to read because they are constantly hiding information about their guilt or sins, Todd’s Noise is much clearer, as he has not killed anyone yet.

When Hildy tells Todd that the bridge was not useful to her anymore, she confirms the bridge’s role in connecting Prentisstown with the other settlement. Todd considers leaving Viola behind with the old woman because he thinks she is much safer with her than if she went with him because he still had no clue about where he was going.

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