The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 15

Todd meets Tam, Hildy’s husband. Todd learns that the Noise does not kill all women which does not make sense to him based on what he learned while at Prentisstown. Todd tries to convince Tam that they are not safe and need to continue moving, but Tam assures him that he has been protecting the area for a long time and insist that Todd and Viola join them at their home for some food and rest. Hildy and Viola begin talking about ships using complex words, and Todd starts to understand that Viola is from space where more settlers live.


When Tam thinks of “brother in trouble” it raises the question of whether his comment is directed towards Todd and Hildy or the people in the settlement. When Hildy says that she has been guarding the bridge for more than ten years, it reveals how long people from the two settlements have stayed without interacting with each other. It also shows that the men in Prentisstown, despite their rowdiness, abided to the rules placed when they were exiled. When Viola reveals the thousands of settlers who will be joining them on the planet, Todd is concerned about their safety, knowing that Viola’s ship crashed in the swamp.

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