The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 18

Francia invites the group into her house despite her concerns about the army gathering at the riverside. She insists that if they plan to stay at Farbranch, they have to work. Viola asks if there is a way she can communicate to the people on the main ship but is informed that the other settlers have not been able to talk to the others in space since they arrived. Viola and Todd are given a place to stay. They are made to work in the barn and Orchard farm. As Todd goes back to the house to eat dinner, he is once again confronted by Matthew.


Viola’s realization that the ship might take seven months to arrive makes her think of the things that could happen within that time. She probably considered the likelihood of the mayor and his men catching up with them or the possibility of being killed. “People are scared of what they don’t know…” (Ness 154). This statement implies that naturally, Farbranch people relate Todd to the first war and are not sure whether his presence in Farbranch places them at risk of another conflict. Matthew’s action could be based on his fear of what might happen if the Mayor found out that Farbranch welcomed Todd into their town.

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