The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 25

The presence of the Spackle does not make sense to Todd because he believes that they are supposed to be dead. The Spackle feels fear and Todd attacks it when he sees it reaching for its spear. After killing the Spackle, he sees himself as being no different from the men in Prentisstown. Todd throws up, and Viola tells him that most of the things he was taught in Prentisstown are lies. He feels foolish and is engulfed by darkness. It is still raining when Aaron appears and grabs Viola by the neck and throws Todd to the ground.


The title of this section, “Killer,” reflects Todd’s final decision to kill despite his initial conviction and Viola’s belief that he was different from Prentisstown men. “I’ll show you who’s a killer,” Todd says (Ness 214). The Spackle’s attack was based on fear while Todd’s actions were based on the history he learned in Prentisstown about Spacks and their virus, which wiped out all the women in the town. Like the men in Prentisstown, Todd is now tainted with the blood of his victim. The darkness he sees when he closes his eyes represents his tainted soul.

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