The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 27

Todd realizes that the road Manchee led him too is the same route he was supposed to take with Viola on their way to Haven. Todd and Manchee hear Noise from a group of huts and Todd decides to continue moving when he hears “Prentisstown” in the men’s Noise. The women in this area have no Noise. Todd begins to feel sick and weak so uses medication from Viola’s bag. He comes across an edible turtle, but he does not want to use his knife to kill it. His body is exhausted, and as a result, he falls down a hill. He passes out from the fall but Wilf wakes him up, calling him “Ben.”


When Todd thinks about masculinity, he only focuses on physical strength, the ability to kill, and bravery. This explains why he is disappointed in himself for being unable to save Viola from Aaron. Even when he is in pain and has a fever, he still pushes himself to continue moving. When Wilf finds Todd and calls him “Ben,” he refers to the name Viola used to introduce Todd to him when they did not want Wilf to suspect where they were from or put his settlement in danger of being attacked by the army.

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