The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 3

Cillian confronts Ben for not working hard around the farm and for Manchee’s thoughts about the Quiet. Cillian and Ben were Todd’s adoptive parents. In response, Todd responds sarcastically to Cillian informing him about a cut on his lip. When Todd goes to find Ben, his thoughts divert to his parents and his relationship with Ben and Cillian. Todd reports to Ben what Aaron did but then shifts focus to his upcoming birthday. The chapter ends with Todd opening up about what he saw at the swamp and Ben freaking out because they now have to get Todd out of the town.


The themes of communication and lack of privacy are emphasized in this chapter through Cillian’s insistence in finding out what the Quiet was based on his concern for Todd’s life. The lack of privacy can also be seen in how Ben tries to sift through Todd’s Noise to find out about the Quiet. Ben’s shock when he learns what Todd saw can be attributed to the risk that knowledge about the outside world presents to Prentisstown’s men.

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