The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 38

Viola begins reading the book and informs Todd that the town was built far away from the rest of the settlements because Mr. Prentiss convinced had Elizabeth that this would be best. Todd's mother wrote about her suspicions of Aaron’s sermons and that the Spackles were gentle creatures. Viola reads out lyrics for a song written for Todd to remind him that his mother will always be with him. Todd believes that Viola’s fascination with the book was because she was thinking of her parents. Although she does not have a Noise, her feelings connect them to each other.


As Viola read from the book, Todd recognizes that “her words are not her words, and they’re coming outta her mouth sounding like a lie but making a new truth…” (Ness 322). The statement shows the impact that his mother’s journal is having on him through Viola’s voice. In the book, his mother states, “the attractiveness of power is something you should learn about…it’s the thing that separates men from boys…” (Ness 325). Todd’s mother was warming him about the hunger for power that may affect the decisions men make. The statement might also describe the Mayor’s desire for power and Aaron’s attitude towards the Spackles. The journal brings Todd and Viola closer to each other by helping them open up about their feelings about their deceased family members.

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