The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 40

As they get closer, Todd and Viola see that Aaron is missing his nose. He starts firing gunshots towards them and Viola falls. Todd runs after her but notices that she has not been injured. They begin climbing down a cliff and end up in an old church that was probably built by the first settlers. The two hear Aaron’s voice getting closer to them and calling out for Todd, and they both realize that the sacrifice might not be Viola. Todd instructs Viola to hide and turns towards the church’s entrance with his knife while waiting for Aaron.


“War makes monsters of men”— Todd remembers what Ben told him and associates it with Aaron’s determination in finding him and Viola despite the injuries that they have inflicted on him. Repetition is used as a narrative style in this chapter to show Todd and Viola’s determination to get away from Aaron: “pound pound pound- run run run run run run…” (Ness 337). It is also used for emphasis when Todd refers to the faint trail they follow: “Right to the Cliffside. Right down the sharp… Right to a ledge…” (Ness 339). By the end of this chapter, Todd is ready to kill Aaron and finally put an end to the chase.

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