The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 5

Todd id escorted by Ben to the river and informed about the contents in his bag. He is given a knife for protection. To convince him not to come back to the town, Ben lets him into his thoughts making him see a person he had to kill. He also reveals to him the truth about the town while begging him to run away. The two hear a loud bang and Ben goes back to the farm to check on Cillian while Todd goes to the swamp.


Ben opens up his Noise to Todd to make him understand the risks he faces by staying in the town during his thirteenth birthday. He also hides critical information about the town from Todd to reduce his likelihood of being caught by the Mayor during his escape. The knowledge that men in the town are exiled would be too much for Todd to resist thinking about constantly. The commotion at the end of the chapter provides readers with insights of the extent Ben and Cillian went to divert people’s attention and protect Todd.

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