The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 9

Todd and the girl continue running. Todd is still in pain and keeps thinking of what could have happened to Ben and Cillian. He shows the girl the map he was given, pointing out their location and the route they need to take to leave the swamp. The girl directs Todd to where her ship sank. Todd notices that her parents died after they landed. She does not respond to him when he asks where they came from but follows the marks back to the ship.


Todd’s realization of the knife’s power equates to his value for life. A knife is a powerful object because of its ability to take away life. This explains why he keeps it in the sheath behind him—to remove it from his sight and ensure he does not use. The statement, “When luck ain’t with you, it’s against you,” is used by Todd to imply the difficulties that the girl might have faced after landing. Aside from her parents dying, she must have also been discovered and chased by Aaron in his pursuit to use her as a sacrifice. This could explain her silence and inability to trust Todd completely.

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