The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Marie Kondo
Contributed by Sharen Felty
Chapter Summaries
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Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

You can’t tidy if you’ve never learned how

Many people across the world are usually shocked by the fact that Kondo is a teacher...

Chapter 2

It is a common occurrence for an individual to think that they have tidied their space thoroughly, only to realize in the following days that the c...

Chapter 3

The process of assessing how you feel about the things you own, identifying those that have fulfilled their purpose, expressing your gratitude, and...

Chapter 4

Designate A Place For Each Thing

It is proper to have a daily routine specifically designed to guide individuals on where ...

Chapter 5

Properly decluttering and tidying up is life transforming. A dramatic reorganization of a person’s home leads to a correspondingly dramatic chang...

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