The Lord of the Flies
William Golding

by contributor

Karim Chandra

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Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1
A group of boys in a plane suddenly crash on a deserted island. All of the adults are killed in the crashing, leaving only children behind. Thrusting civilized children into the wild and exploring the consequences represents the premise of Lord of the Flies.
Chapter 2
The shadow of social conventions remains as the boys partake in a seemingly democratic process, establishing rules that are enforceable because everyone agrees to be bound by them, and naming Ralph as the leader with Jack as the head of the hunters.
Chapter 2
While a boat passes, the boys appear to miss their chance to light a signal fire and catch its attention. Jack and his group kills their first pig on the island.
Chapter 4
Sameric discovers evidence of what the boys imagine as a beast on the island.
Chapter 5
Ralph joins up with Jack and the hunters to pursue the beast.
Chapter 6
Jack, unsatisfied with his current amount of power and standing in the group, contests Ralph for his position. The social situation deteriorates when Jack loses the vote and breaks off to form his own group.
Chapter 7
Simon has a hallucination about the Lord of the Flies, a grotesque figure central to the imagery of the title and the novel. He learns that the beast is actually a dead parachutist.
Chapter 8
The boys accidentally kill Simon, mistaking him as the beast during their bonfire and ritualistic dance.
Chaper 10
Piggy’s head is split open in an act of murder. Samneric are taken prisoner and Ralph is now isolated.
Chapter 11
Running to escape the pursuit of Jack’s tribe and the fire he set, Ralph bumps into an adult naval officer, whose presence shatters the power struggle and motivations to violence for all the boys.
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

The book begins when Ralph, who, after regaining consciousness on a deserted island, meets Piggy. They discuss their predicament. Amid a nuclear wa...

Chapter 2

After Ralph and the others return from their expedition, he blows the conch to summon the boys and brief them on their journey. Before Ralph addres...

Chapter 3

The chapter begins with Jack hunting pigs alone in the jungle. Although he possesses excellent tracking skills, he finishes the day’s hunt withou...

Chapter 4

As time passes, some boys descend into savagery, while others retain their humanity. The littluns form a kind of subculture within the group — on...

Chapter 5

Ralph sits on the beach, pondering many troubling issues and wondering what will transpire during the meeting he called at the end of the previous ...

Chapter 6

One night, when the boys are asleep, an air battle takes place above them. In what may be an accident, one pilot slips out of his plane and clings ...

Chapter 7

Richard ponders the recent happenings on the island, feeling hopeless. Simon, noticing Richard’s discomfort, reassures him that everything will b...

Chapter 8

When the boys return to the shelters, Ralph describes the “beast” the hunters saw on the mountain, but Piggy remains skeptical. Jack interjects...

Chapter 9

After recovering from his encounter with the Lord of the Flies, Simon ventures up the mountain and discovers the dead pilot’s body. Realizing the...

Chapter 10

Ralph’s camp has lost all its biguns to Jack. Ralph only has the support of Piggy, Samneric, and some littluns. Meanwhile, Jack prepares his hunt...

Chapter 11

The few boys who remain in Ralph’s camp need Piggy’s glasses to light a fire. Piggy asks Ralph to blow the conch to assemble the boys. After Ra...

Chapter 12

Although Ralph manages to escape from the boys, he sustains scrapes and bruises all over his body. He finds a hiding place near Castle Rock in the ...

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