The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Jane Harper
Year Published
About the Title

The Lost Man is a thriller narrated by one of the chief protagonists, Nathan Bright, the oldest of three brothers — with Bub and Cameron being his two younger siblings. The story begins at a remote graveyard where, under the scorching sun, Nathan and Bub are gathered around Cameron’s dead body. Nathan lives three hours from the rest of his family members and was banned from entering the closest town over nine years ago, making it impossible for him to maintain direct contact with the rest of the townspeople. Amidst the grief of losing their brother, Nathan begins wondering whether the rest of his family members are at risk of meeting the same fate as Cameron due to being isolated. The rest of the book revolves around the question of whether Cameron was killed or had committed suicide. As the story unfolds, readers are torn between whether to view Nathan or Cameron as “The Lost Man”.

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