The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 13

Back at the house, Nathan questions Bub about urinating on their father’s grave, which he says was because the man was abusive and did not care about his family. As Liz arrives, the phone in the hallway rings and she leaves again to answer it. Nathan offers to go to Lehmann’s Hill to fix the mast with Xander. Liz steps back into the kitchen and tells Ilse that Glenn wants to speak with her. She asks to talk to Harry outside for a moment, and where Ilse and Nathan join them a little while later. Nathan then finds out that a reference was made to Cameron in the police records. A woman had called the station asking whether Cameron was still in town. Matt, one of the temporary police officers who work at the station whenever Glenn is on leave, had entered the details into the police records. They also found out that Cameron was unhappy to hear about the woman’s inquiry, and wanted nothing to do with her. Glenn had called to see if they knew anything about Jenna Moore, the woman who had called asking for Cameron.


The chapter reveals that Bub often urinates at his father grave out of spite. Although Nathan warns him that his actions might kill the tree, he does not care and points out that he would never urinate on Cameron’s grave because they got along well. The police record linking Cameron to Jenna Moore offers another possible reason for Cameron’s death. If he had issues with the woman and went out to meet her, it could explain why he did not go to Lehmann’s Hill that day. Nathan’s shocked reaction after hearing the name indicates the possibility that the woman might have been involved in Cameron’s death.

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