The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 14

Nathan, Bub, and Xander leave after dawn for Lehmann’s Hill after collecting the mast repair instructions from Cameron’s car. Xander curiously asks Nathan who Jenna Moore was, to which his father explains that Jenna was a girl working on Keith Walter’s property alongside her boyfriend. She was Jacqui’s friend, and they met at a party, during which Cameron and Jenna seemed to get along well and spent most of the night together. Cameron ended up forcing Jenna to sleep with him. In the morning, Nathan found Cameron sleeping in his car behind the service station, while Jenna was found sleeping in the staff accommodation at the pub. They both had hangovers and did not speak a word about the previous night. Although Jenna seemed fine, she, later on reported that Cameron had raped her.


Nathan’s flashback shows the connection between Cameron and Jenna Moore, who was Jacqui’s friend and one of her father’s employees. Jacqui and Jenna’s relationship also raises the question of whether Jenna’s rape case had been influenced by Jacqui’s decision to file for a divorce. There is also the question of whether Keith’s earlier insistence on Nathan and Jacqui’s divorce was fueled by his hate for Cameron and his family. Jenna’s accusations might have been a way of justifying her actions to her boyfriend, who also worked at the station, as she appeared embarrassed while driving back with Jacqui: “A bit quiet, perhaps. Embarrassed, maybe. Hangover, definitely. But fine” (Harper 86).

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