The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 16

After driving for an hour, Nathan and Xander get a flat tire, which Nathan fixes and subsequently drive back to the family house. Nathan finds Sophie and Lo, her younger sister, in the study and notices the year’s employment record. Liz appears at the door and tells them that dinner is ready. As Sophie and Lo pick up their toys, Nathan wonders about the crossed markings on the planner. He finds out that Bub and Cameron had differing opinions about implementing changes on the farm; Cameron, however, wanted to think about it before going ahead. Bub comes in and suggests that they go on with the initial plan. At dinner, after Nathan informs Harry that he fixed the Lehmann’s Hill mast, Lo warns Nathan not to go there as it was the last place Cameron was supposed to go before he died. She also informs everyone that Cameron was sad because some things were going missing from the house. Lo tells her mother that some of her father’s lost belongings had not been found, and he had asked her to keep that a secret because Ilse would not believe them. It turns out that Cameron wanted to hide her daughters birth certificates to prevent Ilse from taking them away from her.


Nathan considers the possibility that Ilse told Cameron about their affair, but concludes that the details about what transpired between the two of them will remain private. Another secret is revealed during the family dinner as Lo states that someone had been stealing Cameron’s belongings from the house. He insisted that she should not tell her mother about the incident.

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