The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 19

As Nathan steps outside to see where the noise was coming from, he finds Xander in the garage and realizes that he was the one who had been causing all the commotion. Xander had been focused on what Lo said and had been searching for clues in the garage. Nathan offers to help, and the two of them sort through the garage while talking about Xander’s upcoming exams.  They both find it strange sifting through Cameron’s stuff after he is gone. Nathan also thinks of all the times he considered abandoning his house but realizes that he is probably too old to make that decision now. As he drags his attention back to the garage, he finds Xander holding something square and heavy-looking with ‘Ilse’ written on it in neat capital letters. It was one of Lo’s paintings of their happy family of four. There was a card as well, simply saying ‘forgive me’, and written in Cameron’s handwriting.


Xander has an intuitive mind and keenly reflects on what Lo had said at the dinner table, specifically about how a lot of Cameron’s belongings had gone missing. He also considers the impact that Cameron’s death would have on the farm’s ownership and the decisions made about the property. Xander’s question suggests that Cameron’s death would favor the people with the majority share of the farm. However, Nathan confirms that he would not side with either Bub or  Ilse, but would rather do what was best for the property (Harper 112). The note written by Cameron to his wife raises questions about what exactly Cameron had done that required his wife’s forgiveness.

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