The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 2

Nathan’s son, Xander, questions him about what exactly happened to Cameron. Although he is tempted to ask his father more questions, Nathan tells him that he will explain everything to him later. Xander is shocked as they have to leave Cameron’s corpse behind, per the instructions of the police and medical teams. They drive, following the fence that separates Nathan and Cameron’s land, in search of Cameron’s car — which they subsequently find, but with the driver’s door open and still stocked with supplies, including several bottles of water, a mini fridge with more water, food, a first aid kit, and extra fuel. Cameron’s car keys were also found to be placed neatly on his seat.


Xander, who was raised in the city of Brisbane, has a softness to him which Nathan believes is due to a cosmopolitan life that is characterized by drinking specialty coffee and watching the morning news: “…they had not been chipped away and sanded down to a hard callus” (Harper 17). Unlike Xander, Nathan and his brothers were raised in the Queensland outback, a place that had molded and hardened them. The state of Cameron’s car suggests that he was not mugged or forced out of his car, as all the supplies were still intact. However, the placement of his car keys on his seat seems highly unusual and something that Nathan is suspicious of.

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