The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 22

Nathan and Ilse barely speak on their way back, but suggests that she should tell Glenn that Cameron tried to call Jenna. She informs him that she tried calling Glenn the night before, but he was not at the station. After arriving back at the homestead, Liz tells Nathan that Cameron’s autopsy had been completed and the family had been cleared to go ahead with the funeral. Nathan finds Xander examining the paintings that Lo had painted, and spots a piece of art depicting the stockman’s grave and asks the girls about it. They tell him that they were once out there with their mother, just after Sophie had hurt her arm, and nothing else happened besides Cameron becoming upset that they were at the gravesite. Nathan finds Katy crying, during which she says that she is homesick but was planning to leave the property with her fiancé, Simon. Katy mentions that Ilse did not wave to Cameron that fateful morning when he left to fix the mast.


Cameron’s death has affected everyone on the farm, and the grief of losing a son weighs heavily on Liz, as she obviously did not expect Cameron to die so soon. Lo’s painting of the stockman’s grave makes Nathan wonder why Ilse had taken her daughters there. Cameron’s death has also obviously affected both Katy and Simon immensely, with Nathan finding Katy crying in one of the cabins. The difference between Katy and Ilse’s report, about the morning Cameron left, raises a question about her relationship with Cameron. Ilse had suspected that Cameron had an affair with Katy, but had not mentioned her suspicions to anyone else.

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