The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 24

In the morning, Nathan calls Dave and asks him whether he had seen anything unusual that Thursday as he drove to Atherton, to which Dave informs that he had not seen anything out-of-place. Nathan subsequently calls Glenn at the police station but is not able to reach him or Ludlow, as they had both been called out for a job. He leaves a message for Glenn asking him to check on Jenna’s whereabouts, as she was no longer in the U.K. Next, he takes his car and goes out to the field to test a theory he had been thinking about. Nathan makes his way to where Cameron’s car was found and places four flagpoles where he assumes it had been parked. He then drives off to see if it had been possible for Dave to see Cameron’s car that Thursday morning. After a few run-throughs, he concludes that Dave could not have missed Cameron’s car and that someone had abandoned the vehicle there long after Cameron had died. He also notices that Cameron’s seat had been adjusted to accommodate someone with a much smaller body. As Nathan heads back, he sees a car heading out to the stockman’s grave. He immediately recognizes the vehicle as being from Cameron’s property and assumes Simon is behind the steering wheel. He reaches for the passenger seat to grab a pair of binoculars, and sees that the driver is a woman.


Whoever adjusted Cameron’s seat had probably abandoned the car after leaving him to die by the stockman’s grave. Nathan’s realization indicates that someone with smaller physique had driven the car to where it was found. Despite Cameron having left his farm with his car, it was also evident that someone else had driven it to the spot where it was found, and that the person had taken Cameron to the grave because they knew that people would connect the case to his famous painting. Nathan’s conclusion that Dave could not have missed seeing Cameron’s car suggests that someone had left the vehicle there after Dave had used the route, and that it had been driven there after Dave drove through the route. The woman who arrives in the vehicle at the gravesite at the end of the chapter creates a new twist to the story, as it is possible that she could be Jenna, Ilse, or another woman that Cameron had been involved with before his death (Harper 137).

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