The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 27

Nathan heads to Xander’s room and updates him about the experiment he did with the flagpoles. Despite his attempts to ask his son for forgiveness because of his refusal to move to Brisbane, Xander does not pay attention to him and focuses on his book. Rejected, Nathan heads out again to check Ilse’s car. As he works, his mind wanders off to a faded memory from many years back. He was on a camping trip with Xander, and had woken up to find Xander’s sleeping bag empty beside him. Xander had wandered off following a calf and a cow. Nathan found him after approximately fifteen minutes, which he still remembers as the worst fifteen minutes of his life. Harry finds Nathan in the garage and tells him that Liz was looking for him. At the same time, Nathan asks Harry about the argument he had with Cameron a few days ago, to which Harry dismisses as a normal, everyday disagreement relating to the property.  


Xander's behavior towards Nathan is a sign of the strained relationship between father-and-son, which Nathan has failed to repair despite his efforts to better relations. Issues relating to Cameron’s death had also affected their relationship. Nathan loves his son and is afraid of losing him, which explains why he remembers the camping incident so keenly even though it happened many years ago. Although they had their differences, Harry’s confirmation that Cameron had not threated to get rid of him, and his insistence that both of them needed to remind each other their roles on the farm, proves to Nathan that Harry had nothing to do with Cameron’s death.

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