The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 30

While standing in the hallway, Liz asks Nathan whether the people who had gathered in the house have left. She pleads with Nathan to book an appointment with Steve for a checkup, which he reluctantly agrees to do after seeing the worry in his mother’s eyes. Nathan hears the toilet being flushed and notices Katy coming out after throwing up. He concludes that she is pregnant, and later finds out that Cameron — after hiring the pair (Katy and Simon) — had seduced Katy and impregnated her. They had stayed at the farm because Simon was in debt and needed money. After Katy told Cameron about the pregnancy, he asked her to get an abortion and booked an appointment at the hospital in St. Helens. Finally, she pleads with Nathan to keep the revelation a secret as Simon does not have any knowledge about the pregnancy.


The calls Cameron had made earlier to the hospital and hotel at St. Helens were for Katy, where he wanted her to stay during her abortion. Nathan subsequently relates Katy’s situation with Jenna’s rape case, but does not reveal whether Cameron had been responsible for the initial incident: “You have seen this before… Not exactly, but a version of it” (Harper 167). Besides the pregnancy, Katy is lonely, afraid, and feels isolated because of being away from her own family. Her explanation reveals that Cameron was certain he had dealt with the situation and was not worried that it would raise issues with Simon or Ilse — because both Katy and Cameron had seemingly agreed on the abortion.

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