The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 32

According to Nathan’s recollection of the events that had taken place after Cameron was accused of raping Jenna, their father had left the house without saying goodbye to them. Nathan believed that their father had paid off or given both Jenna and her boyfriend a scare, leading to their decision of leaving town for good. Despite Keith having tried to convince them to stay, they had made up their minds.

Bub shows up, and Nathan confronts him about his dog, Kelly. Nathan had found out earlier, from Ilse, that Bub had been killing people’s dogs for money. They start fighting and almost knock off Cameron’s painting. Liz and Harry break off the fight, during which she tells them that she did not want to see either of them for the rest of the day because of their insensitive behavior, considering the family was still; mourning Cameron’s death.


Nathan realizes that Keith’s attitude towards him was based on Carl’s actions nine years ago, after Jenna and her boyfriend frantically left the town without any explanation. Carl had ensured that the two left the town and that the accusations against Cameron had been dropped. Knowing that Keith had a point when he warned his daughter to stay away from Nathan, he becomes depressed as everything finally makes sense. As Nathan and Bub fight each other, the younger sibling finally admits that he was angry because he was not involved in the farm’s decisions (Harper 178).

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