The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 34

Nathan and Ilse head to the driveway, where they end up having sex and later discussing the events that had taken place on the farm before Cameron’s death. She later tells him that it was almost positive that Cameron was responsible for Lo’s fall from her horse. Nathan spots burn marks on Ilse’s body, which she confirms were a result of her arguments with Cameron whenever he became abusive. She had tried to tell Liz, but her mother-in-law had warned her about complaining too much, despite not paying much attention. Ilse also believes that Cameron had been sabotaging her car to make sure Ilse did not run away with their daughters. She describes that things have been getting worse since Jenna called, to the point that she started collecting money, clothes, and anything she could find. But because Lo made a fuss about the missing items, she brought the toys she had hidden, along with the other documents, back to the house. Ilse had hidden the documents in an envelope at the stockman’s grave. She was planning to leave the day Cameron was supposed to meet Bub at Lehmann’s Hill. Lo’s pictures of the graveyard might have given Cameron a clue about where the documents were hidden; credence is given to this theory as Ilse had not found them there when she went back to search for them.


Domestic violence is a predominant theme in this chapter, which is seen through the injury that Sophie had, which Ilse suspected Cameron of inflicting, and the scars that Ilse bore on her body. Cameron’s actions seem like a case of historical reoccurrence since Carl had also been a violent husband and father (Harper 183-184). Ilse realizes that while she thought she was worried about Cameron, she was scared of him. Cameron might have been out at the graveyard looking for the documents when he died.

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