The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 35

Nathan suggests that a dingo could have dug up the envelope and dropped it somewhere else; but they are both still unsure about what actually happened to the envelope. Later, while talking to Xander, Nathan confirms to him that Cameron had caused Sophie’s arm injury. Nathan calls Jacqui and apologizes for leaving her father on the road, and for not being the best husband and father to her and Xander. Nathan promises Xander that things will change for the better, referring to his upcoming appointment with Steve as well as the plans he intended on making to his life.  They later realize that Katy has left the farm in Simon’s car without telling him.


Nathan’s phone call to Jacqui marks the beginning of his journey towards self-healing. He also informs Xander about his plans to see Steve and the changes he wanted to make at his farm. This shows signs of hope for Nathan. Although Xander’s idea of moving to another town sounds interesting, Nathan was so used to the harshness and unforgiving weather of the outback that he could not see anywhere else as being his home.

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