The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 36

Nathan heads to Cameron’s car with Duffy, Cameron’s dog, and starts searching the vehicle for the envelope, but finds nothing. Bub shows up, gets in the passenger seat, and apologizes about Kelly, Nathan’s dog, stating that it was an accident and he never meant for it to happen. While Nathan thanks him for his apology, Bub tells him that he was still thinking about leaving for Dulstreville in order to pursue a new career in keeping kangaroo numbers under control. He says he is not interested in running the farm because of all the paperwork involved. After sorting out their issues, Nathan and Bub leave the car and head back towards the house.


It turns out that Bub had only wanted to run the farm so that he could access some money and travel to Dulsteville for kangaroo shooting. Bub also informs Nathan that he knew about what had transpired between him and Ilse the night before. All the secrets that had been revealed in the past few days seem to have helped both Nathan and Bub in re-strengthening their relationship as brothers. Nathan’s inability to find the envelope, which contain Sophie and Lo’s birth certificates, proved that either someone else had taken them from the grave or a dingo had dug them up.

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