The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 39

Liz admits that she was the one who moved Cameron’s car about nine kilometers to ensure that no one would suspect her. She also did not know what to do with the documents; so she hid them behind Cameron’s painting. As Liz hands Nathan a letter written by Jenna to Cameron, he notices that Jenna forgave Cameron and was living a happy life. Glenn confirms that Jenna was in Bali and was only interested in sending the letter to Cameron but not meet him in person. Nathan notices that his mother is finally at peace with all that happened, and that everyone else at the farm was happy. Nathan wishes Glenn a Merry Christmas before hanging up the phone.


The final chapter of the book reveals a family without secrets. Cameron’s death enabled Nathan to be reunited with his family and confront the unresolved issues he had with Jacqui. Everyone else seems to be happy because of the emotional freedom that they felt when the family secrets were exposed — and when Cameron’s true nature was finally unearthed.

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