The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 7

Harry invites Ilse in, and she joins them at the table. Katy offers her a plate of food. Nathan remembers the first time he saw Ilse in Cameron’s kitchen nine years ago. He asks her about her daughters and Ilse explains they are confused and full of questions like everyone else. Katy and Ilse mention Cameron’s unusual behavior before he left the house for his trip to Lehmann’s Hill, with everything seeming normal. Liz returns from answering the landline and informs them the call was from Caroline, a worker at the post office. Bub implies that Cameron’s death is similar to the stockman’s legend, which Nathan reluctantly narrates to the group. Ilse then stands up and leaves the room quietly.


Cameron’s behavior, before he left the farm on the day he died, is an indication that something was bothering him. Although they live in an isolated town, news travels fast, and the call from Caroline serves to confirm that assumption. While Nathan insists the stockman’s story is a myth, his narration shows the similarities between the myth and Cameron’s death. Both Cameron’s and the stockman’s corpse were found miles away from where their source of transport had been left: “That’s quite weird. Him vanishing then appearing like that, miles away” (Harper 47).

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