The Lost Man
Jane Harper
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 9

In the morning, Nathan, Bub, and Xander all get into Harry’s car to go meet with Glenn, who they hope would shed more light on Cameron’s death. When they arrive, Nathan hands Glenn the keys, unlocks the car, and notes that nothing appears damaged or stolen. Finally, he concludes that Cameron did not die in the car. Afterwards, Nathan and Xander agree to drive to the house in Cameron’s car, while Bub rides back with Harry. Xander points out that it is suspicious that Harry automatically knew the way to Cameron’s abandoned car, especially considering they had almost been lost both times they had been there. Furthermore, as most of the house owners in the region left their keys behind the back door or left their houses open, the fact that Harry had taken the key and forgotten to return it also raises doubts.


Xander views Harry as a potential suspect in the case. His suspicions arise as Harry easily drives to the area where Cameron’s car was left without getting lost. However, Nathan points out that Harry has been on the property for a long time and knows each turn like the back of his hand (Harper 60-61). Another reason suggesting that Harry could have been involved in Cameron’s death was his possession of the house keys, which were supposed to be left hanging by the back door. Glenn’s actions of giving Nathan, Harry, Bub, and Xander the mental health cards implies that the rest of the family members are at risk of succumbing to grief because of Cameron’s death.

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