The Point of it All - A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors
Charles Krauthammer
Contributed by Jerrold Mcmenamin
Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The End of “The End of History”

The author takes his audience to a trip back in history during the end of communism and the disappearance of the Soviet Union. He describes how the change influenced lives and transformed the people. The author then embarks on the current state of the world and the changes that have occurred since the end of communism. It seems that the world is reestablishing itself in a different but familiar way, with the US on the retreat. Democracy is on the defensive and countries such as Russia, China and Iran are gaining power. In addition, the European Union seems to be crumbling as the member try to exit the union due to various reasons. According to the author, the decision to pull back the US from the rest of the world started with Obama who thought the world was too good for the US. Trump continues the retreat on the ideology that the US is too good for the world.

Further, Krauthammer talks about liberated Eastern Europe and the troubles tied to the issued freedom. The affected regions were in constant commotion as they tried to have their way in whatever system they wanted. The author refers to Churchill saying that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others. He gives reasons behind the reasoning saying that democratic system allows corruption to prevail and it is always messy. Apart from that, he claims that such a system is empty in spirit since it mandates means and not ends.

Again, the author describes his experience after the fall of the Soviet Union. He and others thought that the world had reached its historic peak, with the modern capitalist democracy taking charge to lead the world. The author then jumps twenty-five years ahead after the end of communism. Here, he makes a case on how the world is retreating from liberal democracy and challenges attributed to the system.


In this chapter, Krauthammer has created a tag of war between capitalist democracy and communism. He begins his analysis from the time marking the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war. It had taken many years for the West and the East to settle their constant tension and fear among the people, leaving the West as the winners and the East laying in ruins. Essentially, the Soviet Union consisted of different countries in Asia and in Eastern Europe, and they all worked in support of the Union and against the US. It was a fierce period and its end seemed like a miracle to many people including some of the members of the Soviet Union.

The author takes his time to discuss the challenges faced by Eastern Europe countries as they were trying to enjoy their freedom and build their democracies, a difficult process considering that they had operated under communism for decades. This is to account for the chaos observed in the region during that period, as it was confused people trying to rebuild themselves up in their own way. However, several decades later and something familiar on the rise. Most of the countries in the East seems like they are ganging up to rule the world, with China taking the lead of the Asian nations while Russia stands with those belonging to Eastern Europe. On the other hand, the US is retreating thus allowing other nations to rise.

Clearly, it seems like democracy is the worst form of government since the predictions made by Churchill have prevailed over the years. Many countries are thriving under extensive corruption and they are stranded in terms of progress. The liberal thinkers are often causing chaos as they create contradicting views and as the government allows people to do everything they want freely. Mainly, this is the main reason for the forthcoming change, a change aimed at bringing the US and the rest of the world down with China or Russia on the throne as the superior nation. Therefore, Krauthammer’s account is not just a prediction of the possible future, it is also a point of information and knowledge so that people can learn and maybe avoid the imminent communist-led future.

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