The Power of Habit - Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
Charles Duhigg
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke

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Configuring a pfSense Firewall on the Client


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Managing Competing Agendas

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hospitality facilities management

Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

This chapter concerns itself with enhancing the understanding of how habits emerge. Eugene Pauley is introduced in section I as the individual who ...

Chapter 2

This chapter is concerned with enhancing understanding on how to consciously create new habits in people. The first section explains how Hopkins su...

Chapter 3

This chapter explains the rules that guide the techniques for behavioural change. In different spheres of life there often occurs a need to change ...

Chapter 4

The first part of the chapter begins with a thorough explanation of the introduction of Paul O’Neill as the new manager of Alcoa Corporation. The...

Chapter 5

From the excerpt, Travis Leach is portrayed as an individual who faced a lot of challenges during his upbringing.  Travis is described as an indiv...

Chapter 6

The first part of this section concentrates on the relationship between the physicians, and the nurses in Rhode Island Hospital. Both the nurses, a...

Chapter 7

The section captures the contribution of Andrew Pole who is described as a statistician with adequate knowledge of computers.  With his diverse kn...

Chapter 8

Charles focuses on the social habits as well as the movements of people. In general, this chapter focuses on the three-step movement process which ...

Chapter 9

In this chapter, Charles concentrates on the complex links between habits that are considered to be automatic behaviors which he terms as the “th...

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