The Power of Habit - Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
Charles Duhigg
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 7

The section captures the contribution of Andrew Pole who is described as a statistician with adequate knowledge of computers.  With his diverse knowledge, he is able to scrutinize the American shopper, and ascertain their preferences, and also describe their way of life. The second part assesses the conquest explored by Steve Bartels who was an executive producer at Arista Records. He aimed to inform the DJs that the song ‘Hey Yah’ by Outkast was a hit. With this, he aimed to point out that certainty was not based on intuition alone. The song was hated, and as a result, the producers had to make it sound similar so that the people would like it, and the plan ended up being successful. The third section correctly highlights the use of statistics to provide the clients with the required services in accordance with the federal laws.


In essence, the sections provide a foundation through which knowledge can be used to increase the quality of service delivery. Andrew is portrayed as an individual who is in a position to revolutionize the corporate world through the use of mathematical models. In this case, the Target corporation is making use the statistical knowledge to gain more insight about the welfare of the shoppers. Furthermore, the use of the statistics works to provide the firm with an exact estimate of the goods, or services which need to be improved to streamline customer experience. Moreover, the application of statistical analysis aims to ensure that the firm is in a position to stock the required amount of goods which may be required by the customers. Conclusively, the chapter affirms the importance of planning, and accurate predictions when enhancing the productivity of the firm.

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