The President is Missing
James Patterson, Bill Clinton
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
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Chapter 1-10

The opening of a book is a charged scene in which the character president, Duncan, is participating in a hearing that seeks to prepare for a congressional committee that investigates the attempts to capture a cyber-terrorist. The president has a bad temper as mentioned earlier. As a result, President Duncan vindicates the advisers who have told him not to appear before the committee of inquiry. The committee wants to know the plans of the president on how to deal with the upcoming terror attack. In these chapters, the president says that his government will do all it can to deal with the impending terror attack.

In the second chapter, the president is still in a meeting with the house and the congress where he reiterates that he does not negotiate with terrorists and that he will do all he can to stop the terror attack. The house wants to know what the president will do to counter the terror attack underway. The president claims that he never wanted to come to the meeting yet since he did not want to discuss his intentions, however. The president claims that he has important things to do and goes ahead to address the threat response team. The third chapter focuses on Bach who is a deadly assassin in the book characterized by her best tits in the world. The murderer found her way and passed the airport security successfully. She landed in America soil. The authors introduce Bach as an assassin devoted to classical music, which she continually plays in her earbuds. The inner monologue of the killer appears to be more interesting when compared to the dialogue existing in the book. When Bach lands at Reagan National, she tells herself, “Look Happy…… Happiness is an emotion that a person ought to project when under strict surveillance since it reduces the chances of arousing suspicion. Besides, people who smile portray contentment and are pleased with themselves and are not likely to look as if they were a threat” (Patterson & Clinton, 2018). A reader learns of Bach since she has killed on every continent. She has worked towards assassinating activists, generals, businesspersons, and politicians. The people know Bach by her gender and her love for classical music. Besides, America views her as a threat since she hardly misses her target.

Further, in the fourth chapter, one can see that President Duncan had a wife who died of cancer making him a valiant widower. Besides, all the news stations in America have headlines on the impeachment proceedings on the president, which gives the president sleepless nights. The reason behind his impeachment is uncertain, but Congress presumes that the president may be negotiating with terrorists following an attack that left the cyber-terrorist, Sulliman, alive. In the fifth chapter, the president deals with some white house staff and issues and proceeds to meet his medical doctor. Duncan has a blood disorder that needs drawing of blood often. A doctor diagnoses the president and notices that the president does not have enough sleep. However, he gives him his usual transfusion. Besides, the cyber-terrorist, Sulliman, is seen to be having sex with a terrorist. The authors describe the prostitute to have fake breasts. Sulliman is celebrating his attack that will return America to its Dark Ages with no hospitals or military service eventually causing the death of the Americans.

The president reviews his schedule for the day and later meets the Speaker of the House with whom they discuss the occurrences and happenings in Iraq. President Jonathan Lincoln Duncan is a war veteran of Iraq and a former governor of the region of Southern State. While working as a governor, most people considered him as a superhero. The president had to undergo torture to save his country since he could not reveal the secrets of America. The Speaker of the house leaves and the president questions the media. In the chapter, the president claims that the media has used all means it can to have headlines that will make their publications increase in sale and increase the number of viewers of the media news. By this, the president means that the media may use the existing conflict and division in America to sell its ideas for personal benefit. Bach is at the National Mall and has her earbuds, which play songs by Johan Sebastian regularly. The music is intriguing, and she listens to it closing her eyes feeling every sound and word of the song playing. A woman sits next to her and watches the woman feed her baby and hold her cuddly, which makes Bach remember the love and her mother. Later, a man arrives and sits next to her, and the two appear to be communicating and arrange a meeting at nine. The president is in the Situation Room where Montejo will declare the martial law throughout the region of Honduras as the national security adviser, Brenda indicates. Montejo has imprisoned most of his rivals in politics. The Vice President is in the meeting, and she seems to interrupt the meeting. The meeting going on between the President, Vice President, security adviser and the CIA directors among other top officials of the government is serious since they discuss Montejo who is playing in the hands of Chernokev who has always wanted to have inroads in Central America. The meeting aims at presenting the way forward. Later, the president goes back to his office and pity the family of one fallen soldier where the president tells the family that the slain soldier loved his country entirely. However, the family responds that there is no country to hold on to any longer due to the impending attack and the president is left to wonder what to do to prevent the terror attack.


In these chapters, the author introduces a reader to the president and a reader is keen to notice that the congressional inquiry summons the president. Besides, the authors show that the president has a harsh and hot temper since he questions the advisers who have told him not to appear before the committee that has summoned him to ask him. However, the president stands for his ground in his chapter since he decides to face the Congress and answer their questions. The second chapter introduces a reader to the functions and works of the president in the white house and his obligations in dealing with a terror attack. Besides, from these chapters, a reader can notice the hot-temper nature of the president since he tells the Congress that he has important things to do in what one can term as a harsh tone. The third chapter introduces a reader to a female assassin named Bach who gets into the American soil successfully. However, the section does not reveal Bach’s mission in America. Instead, a reader assumes that she is in America to kill the president or a politician in the top-level government.

Further, the fourth chapter introduces a reader to the president’s dead wife whom he misses so much showing his loyalty and love for his dead wife. In addition to that, one can see that the president is about to lose his presidential seat despite his commitment and previous sacrifices for his country. The chapter shows that the president is about to hold a press briefing and inform the nation the way the white house is handling the attack. Besides, these chapters introduce a reader to the illness of President Duncan has and how regular he needs his transfusion. In these chapters, a reader notices the high-stress levels that the president has been through in the past few years. With this, one can relate with the president and see that the white house job is not easy and it needs a strong character that can maneuver the challenges. Moreover, these chapters introduce a reader to the worst terrorist in America who is about to release a virus that will ruin America significantly reading to the deaths of the Americans. The chapters are brief and have only a paragraph, but from it, one learns a lot about the cyber terrorist. Importantly, these chapters serve as a chapter introducing a reader to President Duncan and his character before he became president. In these chapters, a reader is likely to notice that a president is a nobleman who loves his country since he can suffer all he can to save America from falling.

The chapters are essential since the reader gets to know on the role of the media in propagating media ideas especially based on politics and issues affecting this country. The media spreads the news on war and division in America more and the impeachment of the president as well rather than focusing on critical issues affecting the American people on a daily basis. Asides from that, these chapters introduces a reader to Bach further by reiterating Bach’s love for classical music, which she continually listens to in her earbuds. Besides, a reader learns hat Bach has experienced love before from her mother. The meeting planned between Bach and the unnamed man remains a mystery and makes a reader want to determine what the meeting entails. The chapter shows how President Duncan works together with other employees of the government in handling some critical situations. The Vice President’s character is not right since she appears to interrupt a crucial discussion between Duncan and his security advisers. Besides, the president cares about the family of slain soldiers evident during the phone call, which reminds him, that America is under attack.

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