The President is Missing
James Patterson, Bill Clinton
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 121-128

Duncan goes to meet with the vice president who claims she was not the source of the leak. She opts to resign but Duncan does not accept her resignation ordering her to go back to her job post. Bach is under interrogations. She agrees to have killed the secret service agents at the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Bach requests that her brother adopts her baby whom she wants to have an American citizenship acquired by birth. Duncan walks through his office and has Augie with him. He thanks Augie for helping save America from terror. Augie wants to head back to Sukhumi as planned initially and Duncan promises to help. The president receives congratulatory messages from the head of Saudi Arabia for disarming the virus successfully. The two countries promise each other to remain in good relations with each other and provide support in case of such events. Duncan meets the Russian ambassador. They discuss the virus since Nina was pro-Russia. Duncan tells the ambassador to thank Russian’s president and appreciate the fact that the virus did not detonate. Duncan talks to the speaker of the house and discusses for a meeting that will take place tomorrow. Duncan promises not to miss the meeting for anything in the world. Duncan goes to meet the speaker. He is about to address the Congress and America at large. The book ends with the president addressing the Congress and the Americans at large. He tells of the attack and lays out some promises that his administration will focus on to prevent the country from such attacks in the future.


Duncan is willing to work with Kathy as the vice president and does not want her to resign. Bach is pregnant and although she is under interrogation, she wants her child to have a good life with the help of her brother showing that Bach is a caring and loving parent to her unborn baby. Duncan is appreciative of the help Augie gave to him and his team when trying to save America from the wiper virus. Duncan is proud to have stopped America from the dark ages and promises to work with Saudi Arabia to ensure and foster peace in the two countries. Duncan still thinks that Russia is behind the attack and is not willing to order for a counter-attack since the virus did not detonate. Duncan is ready to address the speaker and focus on the impeachment proceedings that were active before the virus threat. From this, one can see that the president is no longer facing the threat of impeachment. America is at peace with no possible threats. Duncan has managed to save the country from a looming attack capable of paralyzing the country’s activities.

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