The President is Missing
James Patterson, Bill Clinton
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 31-40

Bach leaves the stadium dressed up in a way that no person can notice her. She talks to her teammates and understands that two of his men were shot at. She thinks that the switching off of the lights was a tactical maneuver and orders the men to be taken at home. However, Bach feels that their mission is not over and she has the president’s location since she says that Duncan and the agents went North. Augie claims that the president’s men killed Nina but the president claims the people who shot Nina were shooting at them and that his detail protected them. The president fears to lose Augie’s trust since he would have no information regarding the attack. Duncan and Augie together with the secret service agents head to Virginia, but on their way, something hits their car. Bach and his team are in a warehouse. Bach is informed that two of his men need medical help and Bach thinks that since she did not select the team, his team consists of the best operatives in the world. She is also informed that someone got lost. Bach asks his team if they know where to locate him and his team responds affirmatively. The president and his detail are under attack. Some assassins have blown up a bridge on the road, and the president’s car is burning. The secret service agents protect the president. Duncan is persistent with the agents telling them not to leave Augie behind.

The president takes a car and drives accompanied by Augie. He leaves his secret service detail behind. He gets a call from Carolyn, a white house staff, who is concerned about the president’s safety. The president confirms he is okay. Later, the president gets a call from one of his secret service agents, Alex, who tells him of the missing agents and a truck fire. The president reaches a house where they get in. Jacobson, a secret service agent, asks the president if he is okay. Augie is in a state of shock. Later, the president meets Carolyn’s husband as it was expected. The safe house is Carolyn’s husband home, and the president apologizes to Morty for being there at the time. It appears that the president will be in the house’s basement for the night since Morty gives him clothes to change and a towel for him to take a shower. Duncan tells Morty to say prayers for him. At Carolyn’s basement, the president turns on his computer and video calls Carolyn and Liz. Liz is an acting director of the FBI. The two discuss the occurrences at the Nationals Park and the highway. Besides, they explain to Nina and how her death happened. The chapter ends when the president confides Liz and tells her that they are working to ensure that they find the traitor in the white house who has released information regarding the dark ages to the public. The president is discussing with David, the leader of Intelligence and Operations in Israel where the two talk the turn of events on the day of Nina’s death and Augie’s story. It appears that David had scanned Augie’s faced when he played but was keen to warn the president to be careful with Augie since he may be under instructions from the sons of jihad. The president has lost his meds. He calls Carolyn requesting her to ask Dr. Lane for some pills since he has misplaced his. Besides, the president talks to Augie who tells him he wants to stop the attack. Augie tells Duncan that Sulliman may be working with another country to bring down America.


The two men gunned down by Duncan were Bach’s men meaning that Bach was working with the men to assassinate either Duncan or Augie. Further, one can see that Bach had not planned for the lights to be taken out. However, she still has the direction taken by the president, Augie, and the secret service agents. In these chapters, Duncan tries to show his sympathy to Augie, who thinks that the secret service killed Nina. Duncan wants to earn Augie’s trust, which he attempts by consoling him for Nina’s death while remaining vigilant on the mission ahead of him. The chapter shows that Bach was sent to do the task. She has a team, which she did not select. A reader can assume that Bach is asking about Augie and the president’s location when told that they escaped. The chapter confirms how desperate Duncan is to get hold of the information regarding the Dark Ages that Augie has especially when he protects Augie asking his secret service detail to give him the desired protection. The chapter shows that the president wants to stop the attack since he still leaves his secret service detail behind regardless of the two attempts made on his life. These chapters show a reader that the president and Augie are in a safe house in Virginia. Besides, the president has some critical meetings one with Carolyn’s husband. The politeness of the president is evident in these chapters especially since the president feels that he may have inconvenienced Morty. Besides, the president is religious since he tells Morty to say prayers that would help him save America from the attack. These chapters confirm the presence of a traitor in the white house who has released information regarding the dark ages to an unauthorized person. The president meets up with delegations from different countries, which shows that he would unite the world and other countries in the world in the search for the deadly virus. The president is concerned about his state more than his health. His platelets count is deteriorating, he has misplaced his meds, but he is determined to work and save his country.

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