The President is Missing
James Patterson, Bill Clinton
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
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Chapter 51-60

Duncan takes the Israeli prime minister for a tour and discusses the attack. Duncan reveals that the same instance happened under Reagan’s administration when he learned some Soviets has tried to steal some industrial software leading to an attack on the Soviets. However, Alex interrupts the discussion by stating that German’s chancellor has arrived. Ritcher, German’s chancellor, arrives and greet the president and Noya, the Israeli prime minister. Duncan thinks that the attack will not only affect America but the entire NATO nations. Sam, the CIA director, calls the president and informs him of another attack aimed at releasing dirty water to the public advising the president that they countered the attack but need to hold off water from the people of Los Angeles. The president is shocked since holding back water would hurt millions of people in the city. Duncan holds a meeting with Carolyn and Sam via the computer. The three think that the acts of terror are questionable since they give hints on the possible attacks of the terrorists, which make it complicated. Duncan, however, thinks that Los Angeles attacks are a decoy. It is on Saturday and Kathy is about to have breakfast with her husband. Kathy wonders how the husband would like the decision of being the first husband once she becomes president. Her husband goes to make a call and the speaker arrives wanting to have a quick briefing, which indicates that the Senate and Congress are on her side. The speaker tells the vice president that she needs to make the twelve votes in the Senate count for her to be president. Besides, she could serve over ten years as president once she successfully manages to remove Duncan from office. The president thinks he may be wrong to think that LA is a decoy. However, his phone buzzes and receives it and told of the results of the fingerprints test of Nina. The prints show that Georgians view her as a terrorist. The president considers calling Georgia to get more information about Nina.

Duncan asks Augie how well she knew Nina. Augie says he knew Nina with her first name but did not know the last name since Nina was trying to get out of her past. Later, the president tells Carolyn at the white house that he will address the people in the situation room online. Ritcher, Noya, and Duncan have a meeting discussing the intent of the attack. Duncan thinks it right to bring Augie to the table to say what he knows of Nina and the attack. Augie explains to the panel that the virus would affect electricity in the country leading to Dark Ages where hospitals and the military will not carry out the service. Despite the fact that America is the target, the virus is likely to affect other countries in the world. Augie claims that the virus is a wiper virus aimed at affecting financial markets, legal records, government functions and hospital operations. The heads of state think that the attack is worse than they had expected.


The chapter shows that Duncan is meeting up with different leaders of the nations in the world due to the presence of Israeli prime minister and German’s chancellor. The attack may have started due to the recent hacks of the laboratory and chemical plants in Los Angeles. The chapter introduces a reader to Ritcher who agrees that his country and America are allies and should be there for each other in time of need. Every attack is happening so fast and no person knows the exact intentions of the terrorists at this point. Instead, people have several assumptions in mind. From his, a reader can see how desperate Katherine Brandt is to become the president of America. She would love being president while also want her husband, Peter, to be the first husband. The speaker is on Brandt’s side and seems to tip her off on what to do to get votes from the Senate and Congress. The chapter shows that the president is thinking of the several attacks of LA and that he considers it a ground zero for the other attacks to come. These chapters show Augie and Nina did not know each other well. Augie did not know Nina was a Georgian terrorist and that she worked for the Russians. These chapters show the heads of three states discussing the possibilities of the attack and the angles that terrorists would use. This shows that America may be the target but Germany and Israel are likely to suffer from the attack, which scares the leaders from Germany and Israel hence showing why the president called them for the private meeting. These chapters show the harm that the virus will cause to America. The damage will be worse and could cause deaths while also affecting the economy of the nation.

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