The President is Missing
James Patterson, Bill Clinton
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 71-80

Bach is having troubles with her positioning. She gets down a tree branch and finds a comfortable position for her to accomplish her assassination mission. Augie goes missing and the president orders agents with him to find him. He orders Devin to find out means of detonating the virus. However, he hears some gunshots that interrupt his conversation. Duncan goes to the woods to identify the source of gunshots. The Russians were trying to kill Augie but Duncan was there on time. He gets Augie back to the cabin for a talk. Bach is in position and sees the cabin at a distant. She sees the president getting in the house and a man following him from behind. Through her earbuds, someone asks him if that was the man and she says yes. The president orders Alex to give Augie some water. Duncan asks Augie about Nina and he states that Nina was tired of running from Georgians intelligence and wanted to save America. He hoped that Duncan would help. Augie explains that Nina and he wanted the president's protection. Nina knew how to disarm the virus while Augie knew how to locate it. Further, Nina had a phone that agents used to locate Sulliman. The president orders for his capture since he wants him alive. Katherine Brandt and Duncan are having a video call. Kathy learns of the attacks in Los Angeles. She is disappointed that Duncan thinks she might be the leak. She tells the president that is she cannot earn his trust she would resign. Any attempts made to disarm the virus leads to computer crashing. Alex claims that Augie has been of help but he has no idea of disarming the virus. The agents request the president to capture Sulliman and bring him into their hiding area. Duncan goes back to her call with Brandt and tells her that it may not be the right time to resign. Brandt claims that after solving the virus attack, she would tender her resignation after Duncan finds her replacement. On the other hand, Carolyn asks Duncan to test her loyalty by the use of a polygraph. Sulliman is in Berlin, Germany. Among the things happening in Germany is Sulliman laughing as he watches his team in the penthouse suite.


These chapters show a reader how Bach is determined to complete the mission by securing a comfortable position. Augie’s whereabouts remain unknown and a reader is left to wonder why he got away having in mind that he was important in trying to stop the wiper virus attack. These chapters make a reader want to believe that Russians are behind the attack since they have a motive of killing Augie. Now, a reader has Bach’s target. The man may be Augie who accompanied the president to the cabin. However, it remains unclear for a reader. At this point, a reader understands why Nina came to the president. Nina was tired of running and hoped Duncan would save him from the Georgians intelligence. These chapters show that Duncan and his team are a step further in disarming the virus having Sulliman's potential location at hand. Moreover, these chapters show that Kathy is manipulative and tries to manipulate the president by threats of resignation since he does not earn the president’s trust. These chapters show that a lot of expertise and knowledge is required to disarm the virus. The agents want Sulliman among the team since he would be of help disarming the virus. The president has no idea of the traitor since Kathy denies having leaked information to any person while Carolyn requests for a polygraph test. These chapters introduce a reader to the happenings at Germany. A reader can assume that it prepares them for the capture mission of Sulliman.

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