The President is Missing
James Patterson, Bill Clinton
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 81-90

The mission to capture Sulliman begins and the soldiers are in a position to get in the presumed location of the terrorists. Sulliman holds a gun with one bullet. Sulliman vows to himself that soldiers cannot capture him alive. One of the soldiers claims that they are burned and that their mission may not complete successfully. Besides, they scan through the place they are in and realize that Sulliman is not around. Sulliman is next to a soldier who cannot see him. He salutes him and pays for the meal consumed. Sulliman claims he has a long boat ride. Sulliman escapes without a trace and Duncan gets to know of the information. Duncan is getting stressed since he is not able to disarm the virus and fears the lives of three million people in America will be affected. His old friend, Danny, encourages him telling him that he has always solved any potential threats. Carolyn conducts a polygraph of the vice president but results are inconclusive. Kathy uses the state of the nation as an excuse to a question that she fails to answer as expected. Besides, she claims that she could not have volunteered for the test if she was guilty of the leak. Duncan speaks to the Chief Justice and asks if the court members are safe. Duncan does not reveal details of the attack to him. Besides, Duncan calls Carolyn and checks out if the people on his list of six suspected traitors including the vice president are safe and requests to address them in a few minutes. The president returns to the war room where people are trying to disarm the virus. He asks to see the virus and wonders if the team is using extreme knowledge when it could only be disarmed using the slightest knowledge. His team claims that disarming it would activate the virus. The president returns to the basement and works to address the team of six. He claims that one of them is the traitor. The traitor could help in disarming the virus. He gives the traitor a chance to surrender and aid in stopping the virus attack. Duncan gives the team thirty minutes to surrender. Duncan is discussing with Noya on the means of disarming the virus. He fears that he may not keep every American alive once the virus detonates. However, he has an idea and rushes to the operating room where he suggests to his team if tricking the virus would work.


By the soldiers being in position shows Duncan's orders of capturing Sulliman are in effect, which shows some light especially since they know Sulliman's location. These chapters show that Sulliman is aware of the soldiers’ order to capture him alive and is ready to terminate his life if the soldiers get to him. Soldiers had the wrong location of Sulliman, which shows that hopes of capturing him alive are dead. These chapters show that Sulliman is smart and has good hiding tactics since a soldier is around him and cannot see him. Besides, a reader notices that Suliman is about to travel. These chapters show that Duncan has solved other threats bravely showing that he has problem-solving skills. Although the challenge at hand is grievous, he will maneuver through. Kathy remains a suspect and she could be the source of the leak on the dark ages despite the polygraph test carried out on her. From this, one can see the president's concern about the safety of the people working for him and America since he asks for their safety. The president is trying to cover any loopholes that would aid in a successful detonation of the virus. He wants to ensure that everything is considered when trying to disarm it. Duncan shows how deadly the virus is since he is willing to pardon the traitor if he surrenders and helps disarm the virus. The president is worried about what America would be if the virus detonates. He is seen contributing to suggestions that would aid in stopping the virus.

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