The President is Missing
James Patterson, Bill Clinton
Contributed by Andrea Barraza
Chapter 91-100

Casey, a computer expert, has an idea. The idea is to delete active files and try deleting the virus. Deleting it would mean activating it. If it finds no active file, it will not detonate. Devin, a fellow computer expert, is not contented with the idea but Duncan orders for its implementation. Duncan looks at his watch as he waits for the traitor’s call. Casey deletes active files and the virus is activated. It scans for files but does not get any file. Augie suggests for deletion of the virus and Devin does not buy Augie’s idea. However, Duncan orders for deletion of the virus. The virus is deleted successfully. Casey restores the deleted files. The virus is nowhere around. Finally, the team has a way of tricking the virus. Duncan receives a call from Liz and claims that he ruled her out as a traitor. Liz tells Duncan that they are unlocking Liz’s second phone and once they have the news they would inform him. After the call, Duncan looks at his phone and realizes the traitor has not called meaning time he gave the traitor for pardon is no longer available. Bach is still in her position waiting for her target. She listens of Johan Sebastian's music on her earbuds. Duncan thanks Noya and Ritcher, as well as, the Russian prime minister for responding to his invitation. However, he bids them goodbye since he would not want the virus activation to meet them when in America. Israeli prime minister, German’s chancellor and Russian prime minister are leaving. Bach watches the cabin and realizes Duncan does not leave with them. She is disappointed. Content on Nina’s second phone is out. Nina had a conversation with the traitor in the house. The name of the traitor remains unmentioned. The secret service is protecting a region near a lake. A boat approaches and secret service agents order the man behind the anchor to stop the boat. He claims the engine is dead. However, the men in the boat get out their AK-47 and start shooting at the agents. Duncan is reading the conversations between Nina and the traitor. He realizes the traitor told Nina to tell Lily, Duncan's daughter, about the attack. Casey tells them that they are ready to try deactivating the virus from the Pentagon servers which interrupts Duncan. As they are about to try, Alex receives information on the breach and works to secure the president. Bach has arrived at the laundry room at the basement. Other attackers are near the cabin and gunshots and grenades can be heard from a distance.


All the computer experts have come up with an idea of tricking the virus as Duncan suggested. They all work to implement the idea. A reader has the urge to read on and see if Casey’s idea would work. Finally, there is hope. There is now one way of tricking the virus as it has been discovered. These chapters show that Duncan has the hope of finding the traitor. The team is one step further evident from the unlocking of Liz’s second phone. As the president and his team are on the cabin, an assassin is out there waiting for movement so that she can accomplish her mission. The president does not want the dignitaries in his country to be affected by the attack explaining why he is cautious to bid Noya, Ritcher and Russian prime minister farewell as their head back to their nations. Bach is waiting for the right time to assassin her target. When the dignitaries leave, Duncan does not leave with them implying that he is still the suspected target. Duncan has found information in Nina’s phone about the traitor showing that he or she communicated with Nina. The men in the boat want to get to the cabin evident from their reluctance to turn back and instead opt for a shootout with the secret service agents. The traitor has been working with the terrorists handy as seen from these chapters. Bach and her attackers are attacking regions around the cabin. Someone wants to kill the president and the secret service agents with him. The attackers such as Bach are close showing their determination.

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