The President is Missing
James Patterson, Bill Clinton
Contributed by Andrea Barraza


'The President is Missing' is a book by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. Patterson is a thriller production line having accomplished as the bestseller and has sold over 300 copies all over the world. Patterson does not write his books but utilizes the help of different collaborators. In the book, Patterson has produced a thrilling story in collaboration with Bill Clinton. The book has 128 short chapters. The storyline of the book focuses on a president who is missing and has a preposterous plot as Maher (2018) indicates. One terrorist from Turkey, Suliman Cindoruk, has plans of releasing a computer virus that will serve the function of returning America to the Dark Ages. However, the person who designed the cyber-weapon, Abkhazian hottie Nina, has doubts about the weapon. Nina, therefore, fits the gun with a password override. The override will help save civilization of the Americans if entered within 30 minutes. The override, thus, provides a clock tension since the required keywords are on both lower and upper case.

Further, the book has a hero and a narrator, President Duncan, who has to go off the grid to meet the person responsible for creating the cyber-weapon that has the potential of posing significant threats to America. However, the meeting is not successful. The book confronts a considerable threat to the nation. Every individual becomes a suspect including the president who disappears from the view of the public hence explaining the title of the book; The President is Missing. The authors set the book within three days with the president shedding light on the inherent vulnerabilities of America. The story has details of information regarding presidency in America only a former president, Bill Clinton, would know. The book, thus, turns out to be an authentic and terrifying book. The story brought out in the book is a historical story that people read and talk of for several years to come, which makes it one of the most thrilling stories of the time. This paper, therefore, will discuss a brief history behind the book; The President is Missing, while also summarizing the chapters in the books. Lastly, this paper will analyze some book reviews of the story and offer opinions on whether the reports reflect the content of the book.

Historical Content of the Book

The book, The President is missing, is a story of a president who disappears at a time when the nation is going through an international crisis. After the president goes missing, America goes through tension and dramatic three days. Besides, the book authors have a unique writing collaboration consisting of President Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Bill Clinton could draw his experiences as the presidency and used it to shape the narrative, which makes it one of the significant historical contexts of the book. Bill was a president in America and had experiences on what happens in the white house. With the knowledge in mind, Bill wanted to come up with a fictional book that would thrill the readers. Clinton, as Maher (2018) indicates, would come up with a twist and discussion while coming up with the book and his co-author, Patterson would think that the thought was far-fetched. However, Clinton would assert that having worked in the white house and served the people of America, all his ideas and twists would happen. The book has hidden passages and sub-basements, which make the white house a perfect setting for the thriller book. Besides, Maher (2018) argues that including details drawn from Clinton’s work in the White House and his knowledge as well, a reader is likely to feel immersed. The book has twists and turns, which make the book and exciting thriller. From this, one can see that the story draws its inspirations from Clinton’s experiences in the white house.

Mccallum (2018) claims that the book, The President is Missing, is a thriller describing what would happen when a president lets himself loose allowing his beards to grow and becomes invisible outside the white house. Having in mind that eight years of the presidency by Bill Clinton in America had different challenges such as the blockage of healthcare plans and the failing of the Middle East peace initiative, his administration played a significant role in influencing the mystery fiction brought out in the book. Clinton had a habit of carrying a thriller when getting on Marine 1 or Airforce 1 and helped raise the number of sales authors such as Mosley, Richard, and James made. Besides, the scandals that shadowed Clinton during his years in a presidency that include sexual and financial scandals made some political books to darken their tones. Some of the books toned down by Clinton were David Baldacci who wrote the book Absolute Power where he depicted the president as a rapist. Using Clinton’s ideas and presidential influences would bring a marketing logic to the fictional debut.

James Patterson, on the other hand, is an executive in the advertisement industry who became an author and achieved a high industrial production rate especially by using co-writers. However, one of Patterson’s greatest publicity coups is having a former president as one of his co-writer in the book; The President is Missing. In addition to that, Patterson and Clinton have created a character in the book, President Duncan. The authors fail to specify the party affiliation of the role, which one could assume to be a move of avoiding the alienation of readers from the two political parties in America, Democratic and Republican Parties, in the divided America, which is reflected in most of the fictional political books. Within a period of five days, Duncan has to work and focus his actions on preventing a cyber attack since once it is released, it would affect America significantly leading to massive loss of lives and eventually a crash in the economy, which Mccallum (2018) claims could be higher than the economic crash witnesses could in the Depression Era.

The book has a protagonist whose role is prompting a reader to engage in games of ticks and crosses noting the existence of the character president, Duncan, and Clinton. Duncan is a former governor, and the book shows his to have an intelligent daughter. However, Duncan faces impeachment that he thinks could be a conspiracy emanating from his opponents. While analyzing the historical context of the book, it is essential to examine the authors. James Patterson is the bestselling author in the world today. Most people know Patterson for his enduring fictional characters. Patterson’s career has a mission of inspiring people and proving to that that no person exists in the world that does not have the love to read books and books. Instead, most people do not read since they have not found a right book. In addition to that, Patterson has given several books to the school kids and donated over 40 million dollars that aim at supporting education. Besides, the author has endowed scholarships for thousands of people and teachers.

Lastly, Bill Clinton was a president elected in the year 1992 and served the American people. He served his first term and re-elected for his second term by the Americans. After serving two terms successfully, Bill Clinton left the white house and established a foundation that seeks to improve the lives of the American people. He named the foundation the Clinton Foundation. The foundation aims at creating diverse economic opportunities, improving the overall health of the public and inspiring the engagement and service of the civic. Asides from the presidency and the Clinton Foundation, Bill is an author of different works most of which are not fictional. One of his works, My Life, was the first in the international bestseller and was one of his early books. Currently, people know Bill Clinton for his recent book that he inspired and influenced using the knowledge gained from his presidency. The philosophy has played a significant role in making the book relevant since it reflects the world today. With the increasing technology, it is possible for the existence and implementation of a cyber-attack that could terrorize activities in the white house and America as well. The collaboration between James Patterson and Bill Clinton has made this book, one of the best-selling books in the world today. 

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