The Restless Wave
John McCain
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 1

The loss of the election to president Barack Obama was perhaps one of the most devastating events in the life of Senator McCain. Even the strongest men on earth would feel the frustration, especially where they are hugely favored to win. Unlike many who would spend days, or even weeks, whining about the eventualities and regretting some decisions they could have made in another way, McCain embodies the “never say never” character that is expected of a military officer. A few days after the humiliating loss, the senator resumed his duties and even asked the Secret Service officers who had been assigned to him to depart. "If only we had done this. If only we hadn't done that. I intended to leave those questions to reporters and academics," writes the senator. He still had a job to do, and that meant he had to accept the opposition’s victory. After all, he acknowledges the country’s desire for change and they wanted it in big ways. He writes that “Barack Obama was offering them change, and he had advantages I did not." The statement is a perfect demonstration of a man who is objective in his understanding of circumstances, which is one of the Senator's strengths that make him the maverick he is.


Senator McCain’s strength is in his ability to remain objective and emotionless despite circumstances that one would suspect to push him in another direction. After the loss of the election to President Obama, there was a lot of talk about the potential mistakes, including his choice of a running mate, and the manner in which all these affected his candidacy. However, McCain writes that he did not have time for it. He believes that it was the responsibility of the media and political commentators to make such observations. Besides, he believed that he still had a job to do in which he would give his undivided attention. The reaction of McCain after the loss and his determination to serve is a testament to the fact that he has the interest of the country at heart.

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