The Restless Wave
John McCain
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 6

There comes a time when an individual has to stand up and defend what they believe in, regardless of who is pushing the idea. Sometimes arguments take a partisan approach, and it behooves each member to make decisions they believe would serve the interests of the country. McCain writes that "I’m a Reagan Republican, a proponent of lower taxes, less government, free markets, free trade, defense readiness, and democratic internationalism." He shows that he was never afraid to take positions that were not popular among the rank and file of his party. While other legislators would resort to populist politics, he demonstrates that he always remained focused on the higher calling of serving the people with diligence and honor; for this is the true hallmark of leadership.


There are times in which a leader must walk out of the party lines when there is evidence against the party’s beliefs and values. McCain has demonstrated that it is necessary for a leader to show courage in voicing their beliefs and opinions. It is out of this conviction that McCain sought to distinguish himself from other Republicans by referring to himself as “a Republican, a Reagan Republican. Still am. Not a Tea Party Republican. Not a Breitbart Republican. Not a talk radio or Fox News Republican.” These features set him apart from other Republicans. There are  many instances where he took positions that were against some common views of his party. His strength as a leader is demonstrated by his ability to express his mind with little fear.

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